Sacred Sounds

NOW Ancient Kabbalistic numerology has been integrated into a 432 HZ Meditation...using The Name of God!

The Moses Code Frequency

by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

James Twyman, the author of The Moses Code, asked sound-healing expert Jonathan Goldman to research and create tuning forks that encode the holy name of God—and then reproduce these sound frequencies in a meditation program.  Jonathan used a system called Gematria (derived from the ancient Kabbalah tradition of assigning specific numbers to words) to find the sounds that correspond to the words—"I AM that I AM". These were the words that God spoke when Moses asked for God’s name in the book of Exodus in the Old Testament. The sounds Jonathan discovered make up the Moses Code frequency meditation that has become the heart of my meditation practice today.

Meditation is a vital practice to access conscious contact with your highest self. When I use the Moses Code frequency meditation, I feel a deep sense of peace that echoes the messages I’ve written about in my book Wishes Fulfilled. I use the inner mantra I am, seeing myself as already having arrived at what I’ve placed in my mind. Then I repeat silently I am, the name of God given to Moses, honoring the cooperation of my highest self, and acknowledging my Divinely-aligned desires. With these spiritually uplifting sounds wafting through the room or my earphones, I breathe in a sense of tranquility and conscious contact with God.

These sound frequencies have been a regular part of my meditation and manifesting spiritual activities for the past year or so. In fact, I meditate every day for 40 minutes using these exact frequencies to accompany me as I make conscious contact with God in my sacred meditation practice. I encouraged several of my children to join me in a meditation session listening to these sacred sounds while using the mantra I am that I am.  After only one session, my adult children were hooked, and each day they would ask me to put on the “I am wishes fulfilled sounds,” so that we could all meditate together.

You’ll find these sacred sounds with a brief explanation of how I use them in a CD titled I AM Wishes Fulfilled Meditation. Listening to the sacred sounds while meditating brings me, and some of my children as well, a sense of tranquility and a feeling of being at total oneness with the Divine. I feel as if I’ve been in blissful conscious contact with God, almost as if I’m wrapped in the arms of God. I simply love having these sounds with me in this holy practice of meditation as a tool in the whole process of living a wishes fulfilled life.


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